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Drones, Whale Snot, Sir Patrick Stewart, and You

Drones, Whale Snot, Sir Patrick Stewart, and You

We all know that our earth and its oceans are changing as a result of human activity, and many of us are rightly concerned about understanding these effects.  However, we are often left wondering how we can each take meaningful action to support the work of experts in their efforts to protect our world.

That answer just got easier.  It turns out that right here on Boston’s north shore, a feisty little research firm called Ocean Alliance is making huge strides at researching the effects of pollution on the oceans and offering solutions to help prevent the collapse of marine populations.  Their work has garnered a great deal of media, celebrity and industry support from the likes of Boston’s WVCB Channel 5, Sir Patrick Stewart of Star Trek fame, the Huffington Post, Wired Magazine, and the North Shore Technology Council.

All this attention has created a tremendous tailwind of popular and financial support for the Alliance’s current crowdsourced project funding campaign, hosted on Kickstarter.com .  With adequate funding, and of course your contribution, the Ocean Alliance team can afford to expand their drone based, non-invasive research program  called “Snotbot” to study the health of whales without harming or disturbing them.  Snotbot is a drone that can hover over a whale as it surfaces to breathe and vacuum up an airborne sample of the whale’s exhaled breath vapors to detect stress and environmental changes.  These huge migrating creatures represent a metaphorical “canary in a coal mine” early warning system for the earth and its oceans.

If you have been following the North Shore Technology Council on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, you know our June 24, 2015 breakfast briefing featured Dr. Iain Kerr, director of Ocean Alliance, who reported on the progress of Snotbot program so we could learn how best to support the Alliance’s programs.

What can you do?  For starters, you can use the link buttons below to Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, where you can Like and Share this and other interesting news articles, and of course add your voice – a question, a comment, a resource share – in support of this and other Sustainability initiatives we support.

More importantly, you can have a direct impact by visiting the Alliance’s Kickstarter.com funding initiative and make whatever financial contribution you can comfortably make.  Your contribution will join many others in supporting the work of Ocean Alliance, whose research informs global initiatives to create a more sustainable planet.

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Visit Ocean Alliance at www.whale.org

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