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First Friday Biosciences: Jun 1 in Woburn

First Friday Biosciences: Jun 1 in Woburn

Full Title: Advancing scientific discoveries: advancing business. How We Went Beyond Next Gen Sequencing to Revolutionize Clinical Insight of Disease

Speaker: Shawn Marcell, Co-Founder, Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer, ReadCoor

Host: LaunchWorks

Online Registration: While walk-ins are always welcomed, advance registration is appreciated – please note: the charge for all walk-ins in $15


ReadCoor is leading the next generation of omics with the first spatial panomic sequencing platform to the global audience of researchers, clinicians, pharma and diagnostics companies, and ultimately patients. We are accomplishing this with Fluorescent in situ Sequencing (FISSEQ), a fundamental new technology, which simultaneously integrates high-throughput sequencing, and three-dimensional morphometric analysis. RNA, DNA, and proteins are localized in situ, in the same sample, preserving rich spatial information between cells lost in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). This uniquely powerful platform is expected to revolutionize the next phase in understanding the panomic landscape and introduce vast new opportunities for important and meaningful clinical insight.

Spatial panomic sequencing has broad commercial application in healthcare. For example, in immuno-oncology, infiltrating stroma increases noise in NGS bulk sequencing due to cell type heterogeneity in the tumor mass. This increased noise is typically overcome by sequencing many patients in a population creating a complex dataset that does not represent an individual. In contrast, single-cell spatial sequencing creates a transcriptional and proteomic map of an individual’s tumor environment to delineate stroma and cancer, while also identifying areas of effective T-cells and their differential expression to ineffective T-cell populations.

Adoption in research and clinical communities of spatial panomics is hampered by complex sample preparation and multi-week laborious imaging. ReadCoor’s technology platform alleviates these burdens with high efficiency chemistry, data analysis, and automated high-throughput sequencing devices. This uniquely powerful platform is the first and only implementation of “In situ Sequencing” and introduces vast opportunities for meaningful clinical insight in immuno-oncology, pathology, and drug discovery.

Chairman and CEO, Shawn Marcell, will talk about his top five takeaways from commercializing the Readcoor technology, as well as experiences from launching and leading five previous innovative scientific companies through to a successful exit.


Office of McLane Middleton
300TradeCenter, 7th Floor
Woburn MA USA

Date and Time

Begins: 06/01/2018 12:30 PM
Ends: 06/01/2018 02:00 PM


Shawn Marcell, Co-Founder, Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer, ReadCoor


Shawn Marcell has 25 years of executive experience leading interdisciplinary teams in technology and the life sciences. His background includes venture creation, growth acceleration and raising more than $300M in capital for private and public companies.

Prior to co-founding ReadCoor, Shawn was an Executive in Residence at Harvard University’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering. At the Wyss, he oversaw a talented team of business professionals in the development of the ReadCoor business plan and corporate strategy. The team went on to raise one of the largest series A financings in 2016 and was featured in the journal Nature Biotechnology as top ten startup of the year. Shawn has founded and chaired several early stage venture-backed companies in the life sciences including RedPoint Bio (public in 2005), SeniGen (acquired by Sequenom), Lifecodes (division of Hologic acquired by Immucor), and Metamark Genetics.

In addition to launching multiple startups, Shawn’s leadership experience includes large corporations, academic institutions and venture capital funds. He taught entrepreneurship and venture creation at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, and was President of the Port of Technology in Philadelphia, one of the largest life sciences and technology incubators in the United States. He launched and led the University City Science Center’s inaugural venture fund in Philadelphia, and served as Executive in Residence at Excel Venture Management, a leading Boston life sciences technology venture fund. Currently Shawn is a member of the Monell Chemical Senses Center’s International Advisory Council, and a Fellow and Advisory Board Member of the University of Pennsylvania’s Weiss Tech House.

For more than two decades, Shawn has been actively engaged in philanthropic causes. He was a Founder and Board Member of Gilda’s Club in New York City, a community provider of support services for cancer patients and their families. He served as Chairman of the Board of The Calcutta House in Philadelphia, an organization providing residential care facilities for people living with AIDS. Most recently he established a martial arts program at Nashoba Learning Group in Bedford, Massachusetts for children and adults with autism spectrum disorder. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from George Washington University.

Host: LaunchWorks

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Our people are our greatest asset. We are a winning team of innovative, experienced, and knowledgeable biotech contract manufacturing experts with a track record of turning complex life science ideas into high-quality products on-time and on-budget. We hold our ISO 13485:2003 certified quality policy in high regard.

We are committed to accelerating life science product commercialization by optimizing every step of the manufacturing process through LEAN methodologies to create high-quality products for our customers that reach the market and people that need it, safely and quickly. Our operational competency has enabled us to maintain trustworthy and transparent relationships with our customers.

We embrace our customers’ products as our own throughout the contract manufacturing process. At the same time, we strive for a transparency of process that you would expect from an internal team. Think of us as an extension of your team, that’s our business.

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Registration, networking and lunch start at 12:30; Program
begins at 1 p.m.

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Pizza, salad, and soft drinks will be served.

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