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Sustainabilty Forum: Aug 11…7 Seas Whale Watch

Sustainabilty Forum: Aug 11…7 Seas Whale Watch

This is a family and friends event. Feel free to bring the kids, relatives, friends and business associates.

Note – Boarding starts at 1 pm. It’s a good idea to have your car situated before 1 and proceed to the ticket booth where you will be checked in. The boat leaves the dock promptly at 1:30 so no late arrivals please.


photo of whale boat

Photo of “the Privateer”

7 Seas Whale Watch is located in the heart of historic downtown Gloucester, MA and in one of the busiest parts of Gloucester harbor. As soon as you board the Privateer you will be surrounded by the sights and sounds of Gloucester’s working waterfront. You may see fishing boats that have just returned from sea unloading fish, lobstermen baiting and setting their traps, and perhaps even some of our indigenous wildlife such as Harbor seals, Gray seals, Common eiders (a beautiful sea duck common in the harbor), Double-crested cormorants, and of course you will hear the ubiquitous “seagulls” (mostly Herring, Great black-backed, and Ring-billed gulls).

Shortly before leaving the dock your naturalist will give a short presentation to familiarize you with the area that we will be visiting (Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary) and the whale and other wildlife species we are likely to encounter while on the ocean.

After the naturalist’s “dock talk” it’s time to cast off the mooring lines and get underway. As we make our way through the harbor your naturalist will point out the historic buildings and landmarks of Gloucester and tell some of talk of some of the maritime lore surrounding this world famous seaport.

First we will sail past the Cape Pond Ice company where you may see fishing boats loading up with tons of fresh-water crushed ice that is used to keep the fish that they catch very cold and fresh on the long trip home to Gloucester. You will the US coast Guard station, the Gloucester Sea Jacket Marine Paint Factory (a nationally registered historic landmark that is now the home of 7 Seas partners Ocean Alliance), Ten-pound Island, Hammond Castle, Eastern Point Lighthouse and the Dog Bar Breakwater and get commanding views of Gloucester’s skyline.

This tour of Gloucester harbor is an often overlooked part of a whale watch departing from Gloucester and that’s why 7 Seas makes it a priority to share some of city’s sites and history with our passengers!

After passing the Dog Bar breakwater at the harbor’s entrance we will begin making our way off-shore. The exact direction that we travel depends, of course, on where we expect to find the greatest concentration of whales. Our experienced captains (the most experienced whale watch captains on Cape Ann with over 60 years of combined whale watching experience) will take into account all variables (weather and sea conditions, where whales have been sighted recently, reports from fishing vessels already on the water, etc) to make sure you see the best of what your particular day on the water has to offer.

The trip out to the whales usually takes between 45 minutes to a little over an hour depending on the location of the whales. Remember that you will be traveling aboard the PRIVATEER IV: the newest and the most comfortable high-speed whale watching vessel in Gloucester and we trust that your trip out the whale’s feeding ground will be an enjoyable part of your trip.


63 Rogers Street
Gloucester MA USA

Date and Time

Begins: 08/11/2017 01:00 PM
Ends: 08/11/2017 05:30 PM

7 Seas Whale Watch

The 7 Seas Whale Watch has an excellent website with a lot of information, questions and answers, etc.

To find out more about this program and what to expect,-
click here – 7 SEAS WHALE WATCH


Dress Code/Other

It’s always cooler on the ocean – we suggest you bring a jacket or sweatshirt.

What if I tend to get seasick?

We talked to the office at 7 Seas. If you know you’re prone to sea sickness, you may take a dramamine the night before and one about an hour before the trip. Or, you may just take one before the trip – do not take 2 at the same time – it will make you very sleepy. The crew will inform you if they expect the seas to be choppy and they have motion sickness medication at the office. But for the most part, seas at this time of year are relatively calm.


7 Seas Whale Watch is adjacent to the Gloucester House…-
for detailed directions, click here


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